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Wild Buck- Top notch Supplement Brands in India

Wild Buck Nutrition  (Owned by Pure Source Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.) is a preferred Brand of all top-notch Supplement Brands in India. 

Wild Buck Nutrition is dedicated to advancing mental and physical performance in athletes and active individuals. When producing our cutting-edge performance supplementation, we ensure accurate and clinically proven doses in every product.

Our mission is to formulate and produce the World’s most influential sports supplements Our non-proprietary blend policy ensures that you know the exact amount of each ingredient you are putting into your body. Why? Because, just like you, we are driven by results.

We are proud to offer the largest selection, best service, most knowledgeable staff, and best prices Just because we are the manufacturer and seller of Wild Buck Nutrition. We constantly hunt around the globe for authentic and finest Raw materials for our products and authenticate the raw materials by lab testing before manufacturing our products.

We ship these supplements directly from our Website and other online marketplaces, as we are the manufacturer and directly selling, thus eliminating the unauthorized/3rd Party resellers and delivering directly to our customers. This means the problem of fake supplements or a consumer having trouble finding a genuine product, Wild Buck Nutrition has the answer to all as we give 100% genuine and quality-assured products with our US FOOD AND DRUG FDA CERTIFICATE, HACCP certification, GMP certification, and ISO certification.

Why Wild Buck?

It matters to us that our customers know we are a reliable source for their favorite products.

Your determination counts, your dedication counts and what you are putting into your body counts!

When delivering the best we stand by our pledge to quality first. no- proprietary blends. full label disclosure. only fully effective therapeutic dosage of every active ingredient. results driven.

Wild Buck Nutrition

We have nothing to Hide

We’re proud of our formulas, therefore we will never use proprietary blends. we disclose every ingredient along with its exact dosage to ensure standardized product quality and efficacy to fulfill our pledge to deliver the best, and only the best.


Wild Buck Nutrition is the first Indian sports Nutrition Company to pioneer a Non-proprietary Blend policy to ensure accurate and clinically proven doses in each product we produce.

What is a proprietary blend?

A “Proprietary blend” is a group of ingredients that may disclose every ingredient, but not the exact amount, they make their appearance on product labels, with trademarked names like Muscle Permanence Blend or Muscle Matrix Blend.

Non-proprietary blend labels disclose all the ingredients and their exact doses to ensure product quality and efficacy. Each ingredient is disclosed at its effective dose -determined and confirmed primarily through.

Red Flags in Supplements

Look out for the non-proprietary blend policy and true measures logo on supplements. If they are not visible you need to look for other red flags. Below is an example of a non-proprietary blend policy versus a proprietary blend label. Can you spot the difference?

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